Chapter 1: The New Era Of Omar

It is a new Era. Just by looking with our usual eyes, we can’t tell. But it is. Trust me.  No, trust “Omar.”  Who is Omar you may ask…well, he came to us 4 years ago, as unexpectedly as the 3 horses came to us a year prior to his arrival. But, their arrival is another story to be shared, in its own time.  We were feeling our way through this new path of the Horse which had chosen us, seemingly out of the blue. And it was obvious, we needed help.  Not from a human, but from a wiser, more experienced horse. We needed a being disguised as a horse who was really a Master Teacher and the Holder of the energy of our highest vibrational ideal.  Quite miraculously – that is who came. That is “who” is still here, although his magnificent stallion-like, solid black body is not.

This is hard to write. My heart is galloping, my eyes raining tears. There is a lump in my throat the size of a horse hoof and I stop to take a breath, for I do not want these words to be infused with the adrenaline that proceeds weeping, or the nervous layer of exposing such holiness in this medium of words.  I want the words and the spaces in between them to be holders of this vibrational ideal….so let us breathe together for just a moment, creating integrity through the breath.  That is what Omar imparted, still imparts, and will always impart.

So for now, we breathe in this new Era.  Of course there is more to the “story.” And I will tell you more next time we meet.




About Sabina

5 years now into a new mid- life experience of merging human consciousness with that of the Beloved Horse... rearranged our life to live with 4 TWH...and am in awe!
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4 Responses to Chapter 1: The New Era Of Omar

  1. mannanaidu says:

    Dearest Sabina, yes is it indeed the beginning of a new era. A new era is truly upon us. I know it, I can feel it, and I am experiencing it. I am so so very grateful that you have started this blog, and I wait with anticipation for each snippet you will share with us.. Bowing to Omar. Manna xoxo

  2. Sabina says:

    bless your exquisite heart, Manna.. Thank you for being here, i too, am curious as to what will flow out here…and you are a big part of this flow…bowing…

  3. jomoonbeams says:

    Sabina my eyes are also raining tears as I read this, I just love the photo of beautiful Omar looking in your RV, he is just so gorgeous, I love also your description of how you could pull the window back and he would nuzzle and breath with you through the fly screen, you have so many beautiful memories, I didn’t realise you only shared his physical presence for three years. Bless you, much love. Moonbeams.xxxx

    • Sabina says:

      It is soooo wonderful to feel your Presence here, Moonbeams, thank you so much. And for your sharing in the depths here, the memories and the teachings and yes, in his blink of an eye time with us of 3 physical years -but eternally now. And guess what, there was no fly screen on the window…it was nostril to nostril and heart to heart through time and space and timelessness and spacelessness too. Again, thank you for taking part…it means so much.

      much love,

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