Chapter 2: Integrity of The Breath

Welcome and thank you for being here.  Each post on this blog may stand alone as a contemplation. Yet, if you have not already done so, I suggest beginning with Chapter 1 and reading onwards to the most recent post. In this way the context of the journey will be more complete.

In the last post the words, “Omar imparted the teaching of integrity of the breath,” landed on the page before I even knew I was typing them.  As you may have noticed, I very soon ended that post, stopping to breathe with you all and contemplating if I even know what those words meant, inviting us all to breathe together for a reverent moment.  Now a few things have come to light.

Some of us have been around horses, some intimately, some briefly and some simply through stories and dreams. I had not experienced horses during my first 40 years.  I did not know anything about them, until 3 young Tennessee Walking Horses emerged from a trailer and looked to me as their herd family.  It is hard to put into words,  but if that moment were a fragrance it would be one that exuded  pure rightness, total trust, courage and innocence and it was intoxicating.   The entirety of the yes that I became in that very moment is imprinted in me as the greatest yoga posture ever.

When I lifted up their hooves for the first time I was horrified by the strange world under there that I was supposed to clean out regularly.  Even more horrific was the name of that area under there – “frog!”  But, I digress…what I am meaning to say is that I did not know anything about horses.  What I did know about and had dedicated decades of my life to was the inner world- the subtle centers, intuition, and developing some awareness of the mind and the breath and the way the soul and the mind/body dance. I had been to India on a pilgrimage to all of the holy sites that Paramahansa Yogananda had visited in his lifetime, I had been initiated into an ancient lineage of Kriya Yoga, a refined breathing practice that is a whole universe of an inner yoga. I had felt the familiarity of the Himalayas and of the caves hidden throughout those endless mountains, where Rishis still sit, breathing awakening into the atmosphere. Up until their arrival, I still had only skimmed the surface, but the surface immediately got deeper when these horse beings stepped over the threshold of my heart. It was not until Omar detected that intoxicating fragrance wafting through the air, and agreed to live right at our doorstep (literally- and that is another story) that I really began to experience how horses transmit intelligence, how they entrain one another- nostril to nostril through the breath.

I will continue to contemplate this till the end of my days, for it is so mysterious and at the the same time, so real.  But for now, I can tell you that this teaching Omar clearly imparted- integrity of the breath.  What that means to me at this stage of the journey I will explore next time.


About Sabina

5 years now into a new mid- life experience of merging human consciousness with that of the Beloved Horse... rearranged our life to live with 4 TWH...and am in awe!
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