The Paradigm of InterBeingness

by: Sabina Cox

The whole universe is sentient. Notice how it is always expressing, always in direct communication, always in an authentic stance of Beingness. For many humans it feels hard to remember how alive and interconnected this field of life is and especially difficult, at times, to sense how sentient the unseen world is. Our human collective is, for the most part, not focused on this field of Interbeingness. Nevertheless, I am certain this focus is shifting, because I witness it blossoming inside of me.

It may seem impossible to perceive with faculties of direct perception – the ones which bypass the mind. It may seem unlikely that we can hear the whispering in the wind, or the insights that the clouds are sharing.  But, when a thousand pound lifeform in the shape of a Horse looks you softly and deeply in the eye and your heart bursts forth, offering a key that unlocks a hidden inner door, it is hard to deny that sentience is communicating with itself. There is a field of Interbeingness and it is being birthed anew by you and I simply by recognizing it.

Just two weekends ago I flew into Arizona for a rare long weekend pilgrimage, to share in the Healing With Horses Symposium. When I entered the group space, created by an extraordinary visionary, Diedre West, I sensed a field of light. It was circulating and held by powerful pioneers in the field, by wise teachers, both equine and human in the field of healing and horses, and by the tremendous open hearts of all present. I experienced an explosion of  soul-inspiration which I still feel reverberating. The energy of such a transmission came out of the ground of the collective awareness of Interbeingness. We were in our human forms but not limited by them. We formed a herd, sharing the same Source of sentience. Although specifically focused on the horse and the collective wisdom they share, also wide open to the sky, the wind, the grass, the water and to one another in a way that recognized this truth.

The paradigm of Interbeingness is being birthed and it is growing among us, within us. Of this I am sure. Of course Interbeingness simply is. But a magic happens when we acknowledge it, allow ourselves to be humbled by it, and embrace it as our very self.

Thank you to the horses for leading the way. Thank you to the humans for allowing this paradigm to be birthed, for dissolving barriers which obscure true seeing. Thank you to the Unseen world – the midwife of this New Earth.


photo by Michelle Pendegrass



About Sabina

5 years now into a new mid- life experience of merging human consciousness with that of the Beloved Horse... rearranged our life to live with 4 TWH...and am in awe!
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2 Responses to The Paradigm of InterBeingness

  1. mannanaidu says:

    Dearest Sabina, I am breathing in this extraordinary post. It expresses the change I am seeing within myself and in the world around me too. As you say this is the way horses have always been. With their huge resonant heart fields and collective herd consciousness. Thank you for putting the almost inexpressible into words. I wish I could have been at the symposium with you. I can feel the energy that was birthed through it. Xxxxxx

    • Sabina says:

      Manna,thank you for breathing this in so deeply…thank you for sharing and honoring these shifts going on within you. It would have been incredible to share the symposium with you in person…but in Spirit it is so clear we did…and the reverberations ongoing, we breathe together.

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